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Our Beautiful Simplicity: Unpublished Letters 1968-1973

Our Beautiful Simplicity: Unpublished Letters 1968-1973.  Georgia O’Keeffe’s Correspondence with Me is a new book that I published in 2016.  O’Keeffe’s desire was to perpetuate her legacy;  she selected me to mentor and assist in this task. Marsha Malinowski, the former curator at Sotheby’s, wrote:  “Georgia O’Keeffe’s spontaneous and deliberate attempts of a sustaining mentor to help a young artist remain [an artist]. . . are beautifully recorded in this correspondence.”

Using original correspondence, the 64-page book tells the story of O’Keeffe’s devout interest and support of my artwork and the encouragement that I received, which meant so much to me. In one letter, for example, O’Keeffe urges me not to sell my car or my dog, saying that she will send me money so that I can continue doing artwork,

Our Beautiful Simplicity includes ten letters in O’Keeffe’s distinctive penmanship, and ten letters from me. They chronicle reflections and personal experiences that might otherwise be overlooked and forgotten. 

The book will be of interest to the many fans and admirers of O’Keeffe worldwide, art historians, curators, and,  hopefully, it will serve as an inspiration to today’s young artists.  

An Embryo of Time: Memoir